BoldRide Becoming Motor1 in Two Weeks

Hello BoldRide readers, My name is John Neff and I’m the editor in chief of We were lucky enough to welcome BoldRide into our fold last month through an acquisition, and I’m excited to announce the next step: BoldRide will become on August 16th. We are currently importing BoldRide’s entire archive of articles and photo galleries into our system, and when we’re finished a couple weeks from now, we’ll redirect BoldRide visitors to Hopefully you’re as excited as we are to join this amazing site with ours, but I understand if you’re not and wondering who died and made us kings. No one, for sure, but in this difficult-to-survive digital world, mergers like this are one way to ensure great sites like BoldRide continue on in spirit if not in name. To that end, is not only importing BoldRide’s content archive, but we’re also going to continue creating the sort of content you have loved reading on this site for years. That’s one of the big things we love about BoldRide: the site seems to publish amazing automotive content that nobody’s writing about. We want that to continue. If you have questions, comments, or just want to vent, leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to answer every one and you can also reach me directly at We’re sincerely excited to join our two communities and hope you give us at a chance to earn your readership.