Before the tuner has even announced any details.

It’s taken all of about five minutes for tuners to get their hands on the Bentley Bentayga. Crazy German outfit Mansory issued a teaser of their interpretation back in May; though it has not yet followed that up with any concrete details, the finished article has already been spotted parked at the roadside in France.

As you would expect of the company that gave us the Mercedes G63 Sahara Edition, it’s not exactly subtle - not that a standard Bentayga hides its light under a bushel. With its huge air intakes and boxy fender extensions, there’s a distinct touring car racer vibe to the thing.

The front end features a new bumper with those gaping intakes, and a sharp-edged splitter. The bumper leads into the fender extensions, which are filled out with enormous wheels, possibly 24-inchers. The fenders are matched by multi-element rocker panels and round the back, the bumper features a diffuser and extractor vents. A big, roof-mounted spoiler finishes the package off.

According to Mansory, the bodykit plus the hood and grille surround are all rendered in carbon fiber, though we can’t confirm that from these shots. Nor can we see the interior, but it seems likely the owner has had it lavishly appointed, either at the Bentley factory or by Mansory.

Power? Well, we would be surprised if Mansory hasn’t found more from the twin-turbo, 6.0-liter W12 power station under the hood. The company’s engineers can raise as much as 1,000 horsepower from the similar engine in the Continental GT, and 700 to 800 hp is usually just a matter of a new exhaust and a couple of tweaks to the ECU.

The standard Bentayga's styling has not been to everyone tastes; is this an improvement?


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