Claims it produces concert hall-quality sound.

Porsche talks about the optional 3D surround sound Burmester stereo available as an option on the 2017 Panamera in the same terms that it talks about its cars. ‘Benchmark-setting performance’, ‘powerful and efficient’ components and ‘enhancing the emotional experience’ are all mentioned. You’ll find similar terms used in reference to the Panamera itself in official Porsche material.

On paper, at least, it looks like this stereo may well live up to that billing. It features state-of-the-art Auro 3D processing, eight amplifiers kicking out 1,455 watts and no less than 21 speakers.

According to Porsche, the system combines to produce concert hall-quality sound reproduction. Burmester’s Air Motion Transformer technology - unique to the Panamera - ensures clean and clear sound, which also improves the quality of sound from the satnav and hands-free ‘phone.

Those 21 speakers include eight woofers, three mid-rangers, two broadbands, seven tweeters, and a rear subwoofer. Together, they can pump out a volume of 126 decibels, loud enough to be physically painful. And all of it can be directed at a single seat, which would be fun for messing with a sleeping passenger. Yet the speakers also produce a “well-balanced and dynamic representation of even challenging source material.”

Though the system works best with uncompressed media, some incomprehensible algorithms adapt compressed sources like streaming services and digital radio such that they lose hardly any quality.

US pricing for the 3D Burmester stereo has not been announced yet, but in Germany it costs €6,747 ($7,479) on the Panamera 4S and 4S Diesel, and €5,331 ($5,909) on the Panamera Turbo.

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