Taurus 2x2 Adventure Motorcycle

The Taurus was developed in Russia, a country synonymous with some of the most outrageous off-road vehicles known to man. Power comes from a Honda GX-210 four-stroke engine with a 210 cc capacity and 7 horsepower, mated to a 2-speed transmission, with either a manual or electric start option. Top speed on this rugged machine is 22 mph.

With massive off-road tires (at least, relative to the size of the bike), it does away with any suspension components. Paired to a chain-driven two-wheel drive system, it allows for traction no matter the circumstance. But those tires aren’t designed simply to traverse dirt, mud, and rock, they also act as a flotation device if a river becomes too deep to cross. You can just float the bike next to you.

Arguably the best feature of this bike, though, is its ability to be folded for easy transport. Patented "quick-design" front forks are removable, only requiring the undoing of one screw. The tires can be deflated quickly, and the handlebars and seat are both removable as well.

The Taurus does come with a few options. Buyers can opt for things like a headlight, an electric starter, and a battery, which adds about four kilograms (nine pounds) to the 89-kilogram (196-pound) curb weight.

At the moment, the Taurus is only available for purchase in Russia. Shipping to different countries will being towards the end of 2016.

Source: Taurus

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