Porsche 908-04 Concept

Porsche 908/04 is the result of teamwork, with contributions from six key people: Alan Derosier (Exterior Designer), Marcos Beltrao (Exterior Modeler / Rendering), Martin Peng (Component Modeler), Guillermo Mignot (Interior Designer), Hasan (Interior Modeler) and Tom Wheatley (Image Retoucher).

The team wanted to create a car that nobody makes anymore. A “back to basics” kind of feel, mainly focused on generating a feeling for the love of racing.

A car for real "Car guys" and "Piston heads." A car that would give you goosebumps just by imagining yourself driving it. Forget about sequential transmission with paddles shifter, there’s nothing like a good, old mechanical shifter. A purely manual car, like many Porsche guys miss nowadays. We wanted to give it an advanced look with a truly mechanical soul, the “form follows function” ideology of Porsche.

The idea was to make a modern interpretation of the 1969 908 LH. Designers decided to revive the longtail because Porsches with this feature have something genuinely unique.

Source: PorscheVisionGT

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