Ford GT Prototype PB2-1

Documented in the book “Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience” by Joseph V. (“GT Joe”) Limongelli and Marcie A. Cipriani, this very special example is numbered “PB2-1,” being the first car in the “PB2” run, which was the last group of pre-production cars before the GT was introduced for public sale. Finished in blue with white racing stripes, PB2-1 was equipped with factory options including forged BBS wheels, McIntosh premium audio, and red painted brake calipers. First assigned to Manufacturing, PB2-1 was used for mileage accumulation, manufacturing, and electrical prove-out. After successfully completing its testing cycle, PB2-1 was transferred to Product Development at SVT and briefly used as the program vehicle for the planned Ford GT Mk II follow-on program. During this phase, PB2-1 was equipped with a prototype small-diameter pulley for greater supercharger boost, with this part later offered separately for sale by Ford Racing. Exhaust manifold heat shields, printed with “Mark II,” and a “Ford GT” logo fuel-filler cap were also added to the car. Original testing equipment on PB2-1 also included a roll bar which has been removed from the car while the attachment points remain in place.

The Consignor purchased PB2-1 during 2008 from Ford’s SVT Special Vehicle Team at an auction held during the Ford GT Rally 3 event at the Shelby Automobiles Inc. premises near Las Vegas. Its window card stated PB2-1 had covered 47,524 miles as of August 21, 2008. Correspondence on file from Mr. Jameel A. Hameedi of Ford Motor Company – SVT confirms the build of PB2-1 commenced on April 26, 2004 and was completed at Wixom on May 5, 2004. The 2008-dated Equipment Sale Agreement that accompanied the sale of PB2-1 further documents the car’s sale from Ford to the Consignor and stipulates it is not to be used on public roads. Signatures of the Ford GT team members who were present at the auction of PB2-1 adorn the middle of the car’s front hood and Camilo Pardo, the Ford GT’s renowned designer, signed the airbag cover. Later, Carroll Shelby, who also lent his expertise to the car’s development, signed it. A true motorsports and design landmark in every respect and an essential part of the Ford GT development and testing process, PB2-1 stands as an incredible link bridging the original GT40 of the 1960s to the current Ford GT that is now being readied to take on the world’s best competitors at Le Mans. As such, the offering of PB2-1 provides an exceptional opportunity for collectors of the finest motorsports icons.

Source: Russo and Steele

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