Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43

Imported from Japan into Colombia by a local energy company, the 1981 FJ43 we selected was initially employed within a large fleet of vehicles used to transport personnel to remote locations within the country. It had the original 2F engine and most of its body panels were free from from rust.

The primary objectives for the build were reliability, safety, and comfort. Beyond that, it had to appeal to the serious classic car collector in search of an authentic Land Cruiser that he or she could enjoy during the event, and as a weekend driver many years after that. With this in mind, we maintained as much of the original vehicle as possible, while upgrading a few of its features to comply with those core objectives.

To start with, we rebuilt the original 2F engine, the power steering, and the front disk brakes. We installed a new carburetor, new starter engine, new pumps, and we upgraded to a new aluminum radiator. For safety, we added a custom roll-cage, a fire extinguishing system, and we installed Corbeau MOAB seats with 4-point seat belts (optional), all wrapped in custom leather upholstery that includes the rear fold down seats and door panels. For comfort and drivability, the rig sports a new Old Man Emu suspension, 5-speed manual transmission, and LED headlights. Beyond that, we did some other minor upgrades to personalize the vehicle, while keeping it authentic and original Toyota Land Cruiser. The gorgeous paint job in Olive 637, a factory Toyota color, was chosen specifically to contrast with the beautiful mountains in Arizona and neighboring States.

Source: The FJ Company

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