Maserati Quattroporte III

Styled by Frua and introduced in 1963, the V8-powered Quattroporte was a landmark model for Maserati, being the Modena firm's first four-door saloon and its first car of unitary construction.

The chassis was related to that of the Maserati Kyalami, in turn derived from the De Tomaso Longchamp and therefore ultimately related to the De Tomaso Deauville luxury sedan. Front suspension was of the double wishbone type, with single coaxial dampers, coil springs, and an anti-roll bar. The rear axle used a peculiar layout very similar to Jaguar independent rear suspension. Each cast aluminum hub carrier was linked to the chassis only by a single lower wishbone, the half shafts doubling as upper control arms, and was sprung by twin coaxial dampers and coil spring units. Rear brakes were mounted inboard, and the calipers bolted directly to the housing of the differential. The engine was an evolution of Maserati's own all-aluminum, four overhead cam V8, fed by four Weber carburetors. The Quattroporte III marked the last of the hand-built Italian legend.

Bonhams is very pleased to offer this 1982 Maserati Quattroporte III, one of the finest that we have had the pleasure of offering for sale. For the past 30 years, the car has sat on the showroom floor of Gran Turismo Ferrari in Portland, Oregon. Ron Tonkin, the owner of the dealership, took possession of the car when it was new - immediately making it part of his collection. The Quattroporte was periodically used and maintained to the highest standards by the Ferrari dealership. The car was purchased from Mr. Tonkin/Gran Turismo Ferrari earlier this year by the consignor, who is essentially the car's first owner.

Today showing just over 18,000 miles, this Quattroporte is surely one of the most original and well preserved examples around. The elegant silver blue paint has a liquid glass like finish and the plush leather interior presents beautifully. The car's mechanics have all been wonderfully maintained and operate as intended.

Accompanying the car are copies of the original MSO, sales documents, a clean CARFAX report, and the original tools and jack. As these luxurious yet muscular Maseratis continue to increase in value, being in such fantastic original condition, this particular example is sure to be at the forefront of its market.

Source/Photo Credit: Bonhams

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