Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Concept

2020 will be a big year for the Ford Mustang. Our vision of a futuristic Shelby GT350 comes with help from rendering artist Marco van Overbeeke.

The first point of reference is the new look. It doesn’t need to be dramatic to make an impact. The current Mustang was one of the more heavily redesigned versions of recent memory, so we don’t expect 2020 to be a huge design revolution, but rather, a subtle, handsome evolution.

The front end is more sophisticated, heralding back to design cues from the stunning Evos concept introduced in 2011. It still remains very easily recognizable as the iconic American muscle car you all know and love, but with the evolving sports car/muscle car market, the Mustang must follow suit.

Then there’s the power. Seen here in Shelby GT350 spec, the Mustang should be topping out at around 535 horsepower, with the rest of the lineup following the slight power increase.

A 4-cydliner will remain, with an increase somewhere closer to 330 horsepower to match Chevy’s V6 Camaro. It’s hard to imagine that the aging V6 will be around for much longer, but buyers still love the option for some reason, so we don't expect it to go anywhere anytime soon. Near the top of the range, just below the GT350, the 435-horsepower GT should get a slight bump in power as well.

But power won’t be the most important aspect of the new Mustang.

All that newfound power will be only incrementally as important as the lighter, more advanced platform. With the success of the new Camaro, it seems like Ford engineers are scrambling to get the Mustang back on top (even though it’s still the better selling of the two).

The original release date for the new Mustang was slated for 2022, shortening the lifespan of the current Mustang by two years means that engineers are hard at work making something even better than what's on the road today. And that means adding lightness.

The 2020 Mustang will be stockier, lighter, and probably just a bit shorter than the one we’re seeing now (especially in the front). The current weight distribution of the GT sits at 53 front/48 rear—expect that closer to 50/50 with the new generation for better cornering performance throughout the range, even in V6 and 4-cylinder spec.

The current GT350 signified Ford’s re-kindled commitment to on track performance, that thinking should trickle down with the entirety of the lineup when 2020 rolls around. Mustang fans should be extremely excited about things to come.

Source/Image Credit: BoldRide/Marco van Overbeeke

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