Vagabund Honda CB450 Motorcycle

- vagabund is an new custom-motorcycle-brand from Austria, based in Graz-Styria and
founded in 2015 by two guys (one from the design industry „Paul Brauchart“ and one from the mechanical engineering industry- „Philipp Rabl“)
- Both of us started to work soon on vintage motorcycles because we love these old pieces of metal and it`s not only a lifestyle product or a commercial vehicle to us, it’s a functional piece of art.
- trying to find a compromise between usability and design with each motorcycle we build is very important to us.
- We love the challenge of building motorcycles that are both; nice to ride
and beautiful to look at (which is not too easy with the legislation in austria)
- we love to keep our designs minimalistic
- We rebuild all kind of motorcycles, brands and year of construction.
- We try using handcrafted parts and not stock-parts as much as possible with the given budget
- before we start we draw a time-consuming, realistic sketch of the new design for our customers - The customer is king but we try to implement our ideas of design

Project course:
- Customer meeting: talking about what kind of motorcycle the customers tends to and what special parts are important to them
- Finding the right dondor-motorcycle with our customer if there is no base available
- Start stripping it down and thinking about all the possibilities
- Doing a realistic design-sketch for the customers and discussing everything with them - Getting on with the real agenda of making a custom motorcycle

1972 Honda CB450 K5:
- one of our first custom-builds under the Vagabund name
- design concept: downsizing. clean lines. minimalistic. chopping off every unnecessary part and necessary part which is not clean and well-integrated
- color-scheme: brushed-bare metal-clear powdercoated, with moss green and some brass and gold

Custom-made parts:
- the rear frame has got a new loop and welding, chopped
- taillight and signal lights are integrated into the rear frame
- handcrafted handlebars-clipons, covering for the upper fork and headlight mount (with the
concept that it looks like one whole piece)
- speedo (motogadget motoscope tiny) mount which is integrated in the upper triple clamp - push buttons, build into the handlebars and triple clamp
- CNC built fork-cushion-boot mount
- engine ventilation which was a colgate-shaving-stick-cup (very proud of)
- CNC built grips covered with the same leather of the seat
- small battery-box (lithium ion) under the seat
- new footrest-mounts
- heavy modified "laser x-treme gp“ exhaust

other parts:
- new mikuni carbs and K&N filter
- electrical control box in the headlight and replaced charge controller/ rectifier combination - RAASK footrests
- RFY shocks
- RR oil temperature gauge
- BROOKS saddlebag
- old harley davidson brake pump and kustomtech clutch-lever
- motogadget mblaze disc

Source: Vagabund

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