J.Ruiter Snoped

Experience winter travel on a whole new level. Lightweight chassis and cafe bike race posture, the Snoped will get you there in style. Inspired by some of our favorite winter apparel brands, this bike extends riding on top of the snow even further.
length: 76”
width” 6” (handle bars 26”)
motor: 90cc
materials: aluminum / composite
track: 1980/something Chrysler Sno-runner

Helmet: Electric Mash-man
Jacket 1: Aether Apparel
Jacket 2: G-Star RAW
Pants: Belstaff
Boots 1: Ralph Lauren Black
Boots 2: Aldo
Gloves: Burton

design: Joey Ruiter
fabrication: Jeff Long
Photography: Dean Van Dis
Photography: Brian Kelly
Film: Baas Creative

Source: J.Ruiter

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J.Ruiter Snoped