Lexus LF-LA Concept

Designer Yang Sun out of Pasadena, California, created a concept car that Lexus designers would only dream of: the LF-LA.

A sort of spiritual successor to the LFA, the LF-LA combines modern cues with signature Lexus styling. Unlike the LFA, though, the LF-LA gets significantly more aggressive, and notches the Lexus design approach up to 11 with an extra spindle-y grille, a swooping rear three-quarter, and some sharp wheels to match.

One of the main inspirations for this concept were seashells. The spiral designs and unique creases are apparent throughout the vehicle, stemming from a seashell-shaped cockpit and a textured front grille. All said and done, the LF-LA is a very aggressive look at the future of Lexus.

Source: Yang Sun

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Lexus LF-LA Concept