Dinan BMW S3 M235i

The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner is a highly engineered and sophisticated piece of computer hardware and software that enhances engine performance, without negating or voiding your new car warranty coverage and without affecting long term reliability or the functionality of on-board diagnostic systems, along with being the only emissions legal aftermarket ECU on the market complete with an E.O number. The ultimate objective was to provide the ability to control every signal entering and exiting the BMW factory Engine Control Unit. These items are unique to Dinan and together they embody the apex of performance engineering in a powerful, reliable, and warrantied package.

Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake -
Dinan’s N55 cold air intake maximizes the efficiency of the factory design first by utilizing a sealed air box that prevents the intrusion of hot under hood air while retaining an excellent pickup location for cold air. This optimized design yields an incredible 10HP and 15 lb-ft of torque even without any additional modifications.

Dinan Free Flow Exhaust -
Dinan® engineers designed the F22 BMW M235i exhaust to improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, resulting in increased power output and a great sporty sound that is civilized when you want it to be, and pleasantly aggressive under hard acceleration. Dinan also incorporates a Helmholtz chamber design that reduces resonance or “drone” at low RPM.

The system is built to exacting specifications to ensure perfect fit using the factory hangers. It is made from 100% 16-gauge 304 stainless steel and will resist corrosion for years to come. The design features twin 89mm ceramic black exhaust tips for a tasteful, high-performance look. Maximum performance gains are 6 horsepower and 5 ft-lbs of torque.

Dinan Lower Control Arm Monoball Kit –

The Dinan® Monoball Kit provides responsiveness you can feel by replacing the rubber bushings in the thrust arms with precision ball joints and machined aluminum housings. Improves responsiveness by eliminating the deflection inherent in the stock rubber bushings while also reducing brake shimmy. The quietest bearings on the market are virtually noise free so you can live with them every day. These are the only bearings on the market that are sealed using a rubber boot to keep out dirt and road grime stopping them from wearing out prematurely.

Dinan Lightweight Tubular Sway Bar Set –
Dinan’s Lightweight Tubular Anti-Roll Bars for the m235i measures 28mm in the front and 19mm in the rear. The goal is to reduce body roll, improve grip and stability, while saving weight. The large advantage with Dinan’s Anti-Roll bars is the four adjustability points on each end (three in front) that work in conjunction with Dinan’s adjustable end links to set the car up for five total positions on the bar, making it adjustable from 45% to 76% stiffer than the stock front bar and 84% to 130% stiffer than the stock rear bar.

Dinan Performance Spring Set with Progressive Bump Stops-

Dinan's Performance Spring set for the F22 M235i provides greater control over body roll by virtue of carefully calibrated spring rates. Additionally, Dinan® lowers the M235i by a 1/2" in the front and 5/8" in the rear for improved suspension geometry and an even more aggressive stance. The Dinan springs are CNC wound with high tensile chrome silicon wire and shot peened for stress relief to last the life of the car.

To fully enjoy Dinan® performance spring sets we highly recommend pairing them up with our supplemental ride quality and handling kits. This additional kit includes tuned, progressive rate bump stops that maximize suspension travel on the lowered car for improved handling capabilities and ride quality when compared to just a spring set. By allowing for full compression travel within the spring, the possibility of a sudden "bottoming out" is negated, a common unwanted side effect when lowering a vehicle.

Source: Dinan

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