Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Sprint

Our 1963 barn find Alfa Romeo 1600 Sprint was manufactured on 10 December 1962 and sold two days later to the Renault factory (Regie Nationale Usines) in Billancourt, France.

This original and unrestored 1600cc Sprint, originally painted in the rare colour Auteuil Silver, is waiting to be stored away to preserve her lustre for longer, become the basis of a re-commissioning project or, if you are looking to own a concours car, the subject of a full restoration.

The unmistakable and always appreciated shape of the coupe designed by Bertone leads Alfa Romeo to use the car body, without any major changes, for a new version with the mechanics of the Giulia , namely the twin-cam 4-cylinder 1570cc and 91 BHP.

The purpose of this project is to achieve a prestigious Granturismo with brilliant performance and safety, and has resulted in the highest expression of the Giulietta series, able to marry the charm of the ’50s Bertone design with brand new and advanced Giulia mechanics.

The interior and exterior are basically those of the latest Giulietta Sprint series, with some improvement in the instrument cluster.

A total of 7,107 units were produced between 1962 and 1964.

Source/Photo Credit: Lap63

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