Volkswagen Beetle by Ewan McGregor

This is a very unique and special car. This 1960 sunroof Beetle spent many many years baking in the hot Texas sun with Mother Nature giving it her touch. A couple years back it was rescued by a VW nut and the transformation began. The aging exterior was encapsulated under several layers of automotive clear and everything mechanical was gone through and updated to make it a fresh car again.

It is a wonderful blend of preservation and restoration sets it far apart from the normal sea of VWs out there.

Photos of the car under construction floating on the web caught the attention of actor and VW nut Ewan McGregor who negotiated to buy the car from the builder. Once it was completed it was delivered to Pennsylvania where he was directing a film and the car was used as his daily driver to and from the set. After filming it was shipped to his home in California.

A new four wheel toy is incoming and something has to the Beetle is now up for sale. He is a bit sad to see it go, but hopefully it will find the perfect home!

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