Jaguar D-Type Vision GT Concept

Student artists Diego Ruiz, Felipe Amback, Paulo Grave, and Gusttavo Cassolari created the Jaguar D-Type Vision Gran Turismo concept you see before you. A thesis project on the surface, but much more a true Jaguar the further you dig.

“To start the project we asked: what is Jaguar?” the group stated. “We found a lot of words, but one of them is the most important: passion.” Using the current Jaguar lineup and marketing strategy as a reference point, the key was to develop a concept deep with heritage, drawing from emotion, just like the original.

The final result is something to behold. The iconic ‘wing’ remains a fixture, while the open-top, single-seat design also carries over. But unlike the original D-Type it’s replacing, the lines are aggressive, and the ‘passion’ translates more to something like aggression. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The group of designers imagines not only that the D-Type Vision concept would be the perfect subject for the Gran Turismo video game, but also in a limited run of around 54 units. All of which using a hybrid powertrain and a V10 engine.

The concept remains just that (for now), but there’s plenty of reason something like this should exist in the real world, if only just for a bit.

Source: Behance

Jaguar D-Type Vision GT Concept