AC Schnitzer BMW X6 FALCON

It flexes its wings, applies the gas and shoots towards its prey like a torpedo. The latest exceptional vehicle from AC Schnitzer is a worthy bearer of the name X6 FALCON.

With performance upgrades from 306 to 360 hp for the X6 35i and from 575 to an incredible 650 hp for the BMW X6 M, the speed of the petrol-engined models has been significantly increased. But in FALCON form, the BMW X6 30d, 40d and M50d - delivering 309 instead of 258 hp, 360 instead of 313 hp and 49 more hp than the standard engine respectively - also leave the competition far behind.

All AC Schnitzer performance upgrades always come complete with a two-year warranty, which can be optionally extended to three years. The new AC Schnitzer engine styling is also available for all models (except X6 M).

And any vehicle displaying such speed shouldn't do it silently: so the X6 FALCON announces its presence with a range of AC Schnitzer silencer options with "Racing", "Sport" and "Sport Black" tailpipes.

For the X6 M, there are other variants of the AC Schnitzer silencer with flap control and two "Carbon Evo", "Sport", "Sport Black" and "Carbon Evo" tailpipes available. With export version silencers, the FALCON X6 M explores the auditive boundaries abroad beyond the standard.

There is also a new diesel sound for the X6: The AC Schnitzer sound module set for diesel vehicles consists of a twin silencer with various tailpipes and a sound module which, via remote control, offers seven different exhaust notes (six + standard) to allow diesel variants of the X6 to deliver a characteristic sound even at low revs.

Everything in the X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer is tailored to impressive speed: The powerful and beefy form of the brand-new, ten-piece AC Schnitzer FALCON widening kit for the front and rear wings, including FALCON emblem, gives the vehicle a masculine and powerful appearance even when stationary. The front is widened by 50 mm and the rear by 90 mm.

And individual special developments, such as the AC Schnitzer front skirt, bonnet vents (with optional Chrome Design elements), carbon mirror cover (not for X6 M), rear wing in the export version, rear diffusor, carbon rear skirt insert (X6 M) and rear skirt film, all show that the FALCON is headed in the right direction.

The lowering of 20 - 30 mm front and 15 - 25 mm rear thanks to the AC Schnitzer suspension spring sets provides the necessary precision and control for the chase.

Power paired with speed and elegance: the X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer shows its colours in the inside too. The interior of this exceptional vehicle impresses with its aluminium pedal set and foot rest, AC Schnitzer keyholder and velours foot mats.

Elegance is again combined with masculine design in the re-interpreted classic double spoke AC1 wheel generation. The one-piece AC1 wheels are weight-optimised cast alloys produced in the low-pressure casting method. They are available in BiColor or matt anthracite in 22 inch for the X6 FALCON.

The technical evolution of the AC1 wheel is the three-piece AC1 Forged Racing Rim, recognizable by its visible bolts. These come in black high gloss or BiColor hand-polished for the X6 FALCON and are available in 22 and 23 inch with an offset of up to -20. The AC1 Forged Racing Rims are extremely strong, thanks to their design with forged outer bed and star combined with milled inner bed. And of course they give the X6 FALCON the perfect hybrid sporting look.

Alternatively, when the X6 FALCON is rolling on the road, choose from Type VIII forged racing alloys in BiColor (22 inch), Type VIII rims in BiColor black or silver (20 inch), Type V forged alloys in BiColor or anthracite (22 inch), or Type IV wheels in BiColor black (20 inch), all with corresponding tyres.

With the latest model from the FALCON series, the Aachen-based tuning experts once again demonstrate that anything is possible beyond the standard. Because the X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer will defeat any flightless rivals on the road.

Source: AC Schnitzer

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