DS E-Tense Concept

A year after the official launch of the brand, and a mere matter of days after completing the modernization of its entire European fleet, DS has again caused a stir with a unique vehicle: the DS E-TENSE.

The product of traditional craftsmanship worthy of a premier French luxury house and the use of digital tools in combination make the DS E-TENSE a one-off, as much for its exterior design features as for the drive sensation it provides. The experience is one of luxury, high-tech capability and exceptional performance in one sleek package. Encapsulating the brand’s technological and stylistic vision, this avant-garde creation opens the way to the future with a top-notch electric powertrain.

516 Nm and silence. 402 hp and zero emissions. 4.72 m long and 1.29 high… Just a few words and figures set the tone for the latest creation by DS, sure to turn heads when it makes its world debut at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. To mark its second full year in operation, the young premium-market French brand has dreamt up a new model with state-of-the-art technology and refinement as its watchwords. Let’s take a closer look at what can be achieved when creativity, knowledge, experience and skill join forces…

"Our ambition was to create a high-performance electric GT. A car that embodies refinement, technology, and DS design. A car that inspires dreams. A car that gives you the overpowering urge to get behind the wheel." Thus the unanimous aspiration of a project team made up of designers and engineers, all passionately interested in and passionately interesting about their work.

Source: DS

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