Roush Ford Mustang TrakPak

One of the most intimidating cars you'll to see at the Las Vegas Convention Center is this 850-horsepower Roush Mustang.

It’s the first sixth-generation Mustang from Roush to be fitted with the ever inclusive TrakPak. What does that TrakPak encompass? The first, and probably most important detail, being the aforementioned 850 horsepower. All those extra ponies come by way of a supercharger, slapped on to the already potent Ford 5.0-liter V8. But that’s just the beginning.

To handle all this added horsepower, Roush designers made sure to fit the exterior with plenty of aerodynamics. An aggressive front splitter, extended side skirts, and a massive rear wing that can be seen from space.

Some 20-inch forged Vossen VPS-302 wheels were added as well, wrapped in some super sticky Pirelli P Zero tires. The whole package comes finished in red, white and blue accents, and looks ready to tackle any track in its path.

Source: Roush Press

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