Arash AF10

The things that matter – It’s tear-drop cabin over a wing plane surface. Fixed rear wing and moving front wing for when it’s needed – big speed. With the tight cabin, you could argue the AF10 has more spaceship DNA than car.

Consists of 5 parts, 4 motors and 1 petrol engine. In total the warp drive system weighs 280kg. Each warp drive unit has it’s own gearbox, 2 speed for the electric drives and 6 speed for the petrol engine. Manual or Paddle-shift.

It’s 1180 BHP electric motors 900 BHP petrol engine total 2080 BHP! If the acronyms are too much to put it into other words that’s really, really, really, REALLY fast.

The petrol engine is a v8 with a compact supercharger mounted inside its v cavity. No need for a large surface mounted pump – it all sits low and cools itself well with a built in charge cooler. This engine again is simplified and lightened by using 2 valves per piston – makes the head size compact.

The all-new AF10 has an impressive acceleration time of just 2.8 seconds from 0-60 mph. After all it is 4 wheel drive.

Source: Arash

Arash AF10