Speeder Concept D

The Speeder Concept D (15 August 2077 – 21 March 2081) was a hover seat racer made by DCH Technologies Corp. It won the 2077 and 2078 Los Angeles Grand Prix. In April 2081 it was stolen from the private collection of the Corleone Estate, never to be seen again.

The Speeder Concept D is one of a series of new futuristic vehicle designs coming out weekly until March 9th. At that time a Kickstarter campaign will launch to make a book.

This project started as an experiment on Facebook almost 3 years ago, where a set of sketches were posted for design direction feedback. The most "liked" sketch was then developed, refined, turned into a CAD model and eventually a 3D printed model. The best of these designs are being made into the CONCEPT DESIGN QUEST book. If funded, you can be one of the first to get the book and take a look into the future of vehicle design, 3D printed models, have your name in the book, and 3 of the prizes will be a chance to have your own concept spaceship design.

Source: Shawn Moghadam

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Speeder Concept D