Gogoro Smartscooter

The Gogoro® SmartscooterTM is the world’s first high-performance, zero emissions two-wheeled electric vehicle. It is the first product to be integrated into the Gogoro® Energy Network, a battery swapping infrastructure that enables a more efficient, cleaner and flexible energy future for megacities. Both the Smartscooter and Gogoro Energy Network will begin initial rollout in 2015.

Gogoro’s unique two-wheeled electric Smartscooter delivers high-performance, cloud connectivity, a sophisticated electric powertrain that utilizes Gogoro’s swappable battery infrastructure. Gogoro’s Smartscooter gathers, analyzes, and shares riding behaviors ten times a second to help riders determine what’s best for their Smartscooter’s energy consumption while getting the same performance. This riding data is updated to the cloud, every 10 minutes, from the Gogoro mobile app on the riders smartphone or when a battery is exchanged at a GoStationTM via NFC. Gogoro gives unique control to each rider to select the specific ride feel and throttle acceleration, the dashboard screen color spectrum and the lock-and-unlock audio and lighting themes.

Acceleration (0-31 mph): 4.2 sec
Max. speed: 60 mph
Max. riding range per battery swap (at 25 mph): Approx. 60 mi
Length x width x height: 68.11” x 27.17” x 47.83”
Gross weight: 207.2 lbs
Number of sensors: Smartscooter – 30, Gogoro Battery - 25
Wireless: Near field communication (NFC) wireless connectivity
Battery: The Gogoro-designed battery utilizes Panasonic’s industry-leading cylindrical 18650-size automotive-grade lithium-ion energy cells

The Gogoro Energy Network is a modular battery-swapping infrastructure for electric vehicles like the Smartscooter that can be deployed across a city to provide portable power. This network is anchored by GoStations, ATM-sized vending machines where depleted batteries can be swapped for fully charged batteries in six seconds.

GoStations will be deployed within one square mile of each other and in places people already associate with vehicles, like gas stations, parking lots, malls, and convenience stores, to ensure riders have easy access.

After the initial Smartscooter purchase, riders will subscribe to a monthly plan that includes unlimited battery swaps and roadside assistance. This subscription model is similar to mobile phone or video streaming services. Vehicle price and subscription plan rates will vary.

Source: Gogoro press

Gogoro Smartscooter