Ford Mustang Shelby Terlingua

Ever since Shelby American introduced the highly sought after, limited edition V6 Terlingua Mustang in 2007, fans of the Terlingua Racing Team® brand and eponymous jackrabbit logo from the Terlingua Ranch in Texas, have wondered when a V8 version would be available. Now, in cooperation with Bill Neale, one of the Terlingua founders and designer of the Terlingua Racing Team crest, that wait is over.

Shelby American is proud to offer a limited run of (50) Shelby Terlingua Racing Team Mustangs built on the 2015-16 Ford Mustang GT, America’s best-selling sports car.

The Shelby Terlingua is our most track-inspired Mustang and is built as a tribute to the Terlingua Racing Team® and their 1967 Trans Am Championship.

We start with a Whipple supercharger mated to the new 5.0L V8 Mustang GT producing over 750HP and give it an exclusive Shelby by Eibach sway bar and adjustable coil overs. Then we bring in Ford Performance upgrades including half- shafts, a short throw shifter and the aggressive sounding Borla Exhaust with black tips. We also added the Brembo big brake kit for racetrack- proven performance. And with 20” WELD racing wheels, tons of Shelby-designed carbon fiber components and the distinct Terlingua Racing Team badging, this car looks and runs like a Terlingua racecar should.

All cars will carry an autograph plaque of Bill Neale (a Terlingua founder and designer of the racing team crest), Carroll Shelby and Jerry Titus, the 1967 Trans Am Champion winning driver.
Only 50 2015-16 Shelby Terlinguas will be offered starting at $65,999* and just like everything that wears the Shelby name, they’re expected to Call or email us today to place your reservation.

Source: Shelby Press

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