Ford Bronco Concept

Rumors are circulating of a revived Ford Bronco for the 2017 model year. Together with Gabriel Hantig, we created a unique interoperation of our own modern Bronco.


The smartest thing Ford could do would be to use the European Ranger platform as a starting point. The lightweight frame would be perfect for the Bronco and its off-road credentials. Not to mention the overall size and shape would be exactly what enthusiasts are looking for. Not to small, but not just a two-door Explorer, either.

To go along with that lightweight body, an efficient yet powerful EcoBoost V6 would be the most likely engine under the hood. Expected power output would be in the neighborhood of 300 horsepower, with more than enough torque to handle rough and rugged terrain.

Engine and performance aside, one thing Ford needs to assure is that a new Bronco has a design enthusiasts will love. The big and boxy looks have been translated here into a modern interpretation, featuring a number of cues you would find in Ford trucks today. The overall size of the SUV would be similar in dimensions to the current Ford Edge.

With the Explorer, Edge, and F-150 all staying relatively similar in price, it’s hard to guesstimate where the Bronco would fall into place. Our estimates would assume a starting price of around $29,000—priced just above the Edge, but well below the Raptor and higher-level F-150 trims.

Ford Bronco Concept