Brum Brum Balance Bike

The Brum Brum balance bike features a frame with an important function—it has outstanding natural suspension properties and allows the little biker to go over potholes with ease. The Brum Brum is suitable for children ages two to six. As soon as the little rider can sit on the bike and reach the ground with their feet, the adventure can begin.

The bikes height may be adjusted by 35 to 40 centimeters in the front and as well as the back. The bicycle stem has a maximum steering angle of 45 degrees which decreases the risk of jack-knifing accidents.

The bike features integrated shock absorbing properties of high-quality birch and oak plywood. It rides on lightweight 12 inch duralumin alloy wheels, custom designed for the Brum Brum. The design is adapted to the concept of the bike and its safety features.

Source: Brum Brum

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