Mazdaspeed MS-007

This Mazda concept was brainchild of former exec Yamanashi Makata. The goal was to create a vehicle that would mimic track toys like Caterham Seven, but with a certain Japanese flair to boot.

Under the hood was a 129-horsepower 1.8-liter inline-4. Inside, power was fed via a five-speed manual gearbox off the Miata, all the while touting a race-inspired pushrod front suspension and a limited-slip differential. So it was definitely ready for the track.

Design-wise, it was very much a modern twist on the iconic track car design. A fiberglass monocoque design gave way to an open-wheel layout in the front, some bug-like headlights, and even a roll cage.

The car was built by Swift Engineering in San Clemente, California. This shop not only crafted the MS-007 you see here, but also the popular Furai race car concept that debuted back in 2008.

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