2WheelsMiklos BMW R80/7 Purple Poison

England-based custom bike builders 2WheelsMiklos created this amazing BMW custom inspired by a poison dart frog.

They call it the “Purple Poison,” though, that brown and yellow poison dart frog paint scheme tells a different story. The bike itself is a restored 1978 BMW R80/7, and the paint job was mimicked from a South American frog species the Dendrobates Leucomelas.

The stock engine was completely reassembled and given a new pair of pod filters, a new lithium battery, and a revised wiring loom to make things as simple as possible. It also comes with a new hand-crafted seat, brake pads, front discs, rear shocks, rims, tires and mirrors.

Source: 2WheelsMiklos Press

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2WheelsMiklos BMW R80/7 Purple Poison