Ford Caspi Concept by Samir Sadikhov

Usually families find countless uses for their station wagons: taking children to school, picking up word supplies, carrying home project materials, also enjoying weekend trips and vacations. Especially in U.S.A station wagon quickly became a symbolic part of family activity and intimacy in the outdoors since 1950s. It always served as a mobile living room at drive-in theaters, sometimes even a mobile dining room at drive-in restaurants, and a home on wheels during camping trips. On family trips, the baggage area was filled with picnic baskets, beach towels, skis, hula hoops, small tricycles and even the family dog. On vacation trips to parks or this area served as a playpen, if we travel back to 70’s or 80’s, specially Ford LTD Country squire had really comfortable seats in the back facing each other, whilst driving, children were playing without boredom. And when those children became older, usually they learned to drive with this car. A car which with lots of sweet warm memories. These factors were obviously beneficial for family purposed uses, however for individual uses it has also disadvantages. For the reason that companies did not pay enough attention on station wagon designs, this segment was always considered by companies as they were cash machines just for selling objectives. And station wagons become boring cars to look at, nothing eye catching or attractive about them, because of aesthetics lack. The saddest part is even design driven brands were doing the same mistake with not giving enough attention to design it deserved, therefore family leaders usually are not proud of their cars in terms appearance. Fathers are not proud with the look and performance of their car. I personally think that cars are men’s favorite toys no matter that father is a car lover or not. Therefore this car will be what many of us think of in relation to the phrase 'family car' - and it's still a great choice, offering high performance which never seen before on any other cars on the market however not giving up from aesthetic values and above all it must be a unique design statement with the objective of seeing a renaissance of the sports wagon, a typology that originated half a century ago.

Source: Samir Sadikhov

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