Lazareth Wazuma R1

This Wazuma R1 is a new concept based on atypical geometry of the wheel layout as "W". The two front wheels are spaced and one rear wheel is detached and placed in the o axis.

Literally grounded, it provides unrivaled driving sensations. This safely through a specific chassis guaranteeing stability foolproof, and a radial brake incredibly efficient, to contain the muscular acceleration.

Length: 2150mm
Width: 1480mm
Height: 980mm
Wheelbase: 1500mm
Weight: 403 kg (fully fueled)
tank capacity: 16L
Front Tires: 195/40 R17
rear tires: 245/40 ZR17

Engine: Yamaha R1
Type: 4-cylinder 16-valve line "cross plane"
Cylinder: 998cc
AIésage and Stroke: 78 × 52.2 mm
Power: lnjection
Compression ratio: 12,7:1
Torque: 115.5 Nm at 1000 rev / min
90.3 Nm at 7000 rev / min (France)
Power: 182.1 hp at 12500 rev / min
106 hp at 10,000 rev / min (France)

Source: Lazareth press

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