TVR Vixen Series 1

The TVR Vixen is a hand-built sports car which was designed and built by TVR in Blackpool, England from 1967 until 1973. Ford-engined in most of its configurations, it succeeded the MGB-engined TVR Grantura 1800S. It is also the basis for high-performance TVR Tuscan in both V6 and V8 configurations.

The Vixen Series 1 was introduced in 1967 as an evolution of the discontinued 1800S. Although it used the same chassis as the outgoing car, the significant change was the use of the 1599 cc Ford Kent engine (as found in the Ford Cortina), developing 88 bhp. The bodywork was also slightly revised, with the bonnet having a broad air intake scoop. The rear of the car with fitted with the round Cortina Mark I tail lamps.

Total S1 production: 117

Source: Wikipedia, 2014

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