Husqvarna 250 Moto-Cross by Steve McQueen

- Engine number 254319
- Steve McQueen's Husqvarna 250 Moto-Cross
- Originally invoiced on October 19, 1971 to McQueen's film business, Solar Productions
- Bike is in running condition
- 250cc
- 4-speed transmission
- Single-cylinder
- Two-stroke engine
- Older restoration
- Husqvarnas first arrived in the US in 1966
- Utilized an entirely welded steel frame with no bolt-on subframes and no lugs
- At just 208lbs, the Husky was the lightest and fastest off-road competition machine in the world
- Husqvarna won 14 World Motocross and 24 Enduro Championships through the 1970s

Source: Mecum Auctions as part of Houston auction in April, 2014

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