DOMI by Do-hyung Kim

DOMI is a compact urban vehicle which provides various spaces such as living or office. This function utilizes the vehicle more efficient for many various purposes. Secondly, it communicates with Smart road signs so that the user could get traffic information and choose the best course. For example, ‘the most silent road for auto driving’ or ‘furious driving road’.

DOMI is a compact urban car that Superconductor technology is applied. The superconductor generates electric resistance zones inside and levitates chopped interior parts in air, so the user could rotate and arrange these as they want. The results could be office, work space, living place, etc.

DOMI’s power is a magnetic force generated from The Electric Core. When in the driving mode, The Core, inside of the wheel generates powerful magnetic power and expands the tire for maximum speed. When in the auto driving mode, it lowers the amount of power and relaxes the tire. This results in making the tire flexible, which could perform as a suspension just like an air pump action. In the auto-driving mode, the user does not feel any wobbling inside because the vehicle continues remaining parallel.

Source: Michelin press

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DOMI by Do-hyung Kim