Sharing Pavilion by Da-eun Lee,

Most people have a car but they would also like another car for trips and camping. However, if many people owned cars in the narrow land of Korea, traffic and parking problems would occur. Therefore, if a multi-function car-sharing system is included, traffic and parking problems would be solved because owning various vehicles would not be required.

Breaks for busy modern people needs to be in a separate place and time. But when using this car, they can get rest without regard to some special place and time. The car allows for breaks at any time. The sharing system will allow for a leisurely lifestyle.

In the East, we sometime take a break at the pavilion. A pavilion consists of a roof for blocking sunlight, strong pillars and a flat floor to sit with no walls. As usual, this car can be used as a general car and it can be used as a resting area when the car is stopped.

Source: Michelin press

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