Ford Mustang GT 50 Years

Let the sages say what they will; sometimes it really is better to be rich. Case in point: the handful of lucky stiffs wealthy enough to own one of the 1,964 50th anniversary limited edition Mustangs to be built for 2015. Whether they take it for a spin or just put it on display, those fortunate enough to own one of these priceless machines will serve as living proof that money can indeed buy happiness.


This new Mustang draws from the basic design of the 2015 GT fastback with performance pack, while adding unique touches that distinguish it from any other pony cars on the road.

The chrome bezels circling the base of the three tail lamps are taken from the original 1962 concept created by Gale Halderman, the one that served as the basis for the 1964 debut model. Additional chrome accents can be found on the side glass and grill; those who choose the Kona blue color scheme will find that these create a nice contrast with the rest of the vehicle.

Also unique to the design of the limited edition is a prominent badge on the rear fascia. The term “50 Years” has been added to the GT markings, to further set these unique autos apart from the crowd.
As far as exterior colors go, the suits at Dearborn are offering buyers a pair to choose from. One is the aforementioned Kona Blue. The other is Wimbledon White, the same shade ordered by Captain Stanley Tucker, who purchased Mustang serial number 0001 in 1964.


The cockpit of the 2015 limited edition will include a double-brow instrument panel trimmed in aluminum. Each car will also get a serialized badge marking it as a member of a very exclusive fraternity. The seats will be crafted from a mix of black leather and cashmere upholstery. Topping off the list of distinct features will be a leather wrapped steering wheel with cashmere stitching.


At the heart of the 2015 limited edition Mustang will be a 5.0 L V-8 engine that turns out 420+ horses. Buyers can choose between an automatic or six speed manual transmission.

Those who take their new purchase on the road will find that it offers a world-class sports car experience, while retaining all the style and glamour that has made Mustang a household name over the last 50 years.


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