Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

The Land Rover Discovery has carved an enviable reputation for itself – from deserts, jungles and barren peaks, where its extraordinary capabilities have seen it through the harshest terrains.

From 2015 onwards, the Discovery nameplate will be born by not just a single model but a distinct range of vehicles that symbolize the essence of the premium SUV: modern, versatile, practical and desirable, with the unmistakable DNA of Land Rover at its core. The future Discovery range is set to take on the adventures of life.

Discovery Vision Concept: Designing the Future

The Discovery Vision Concept is a window into the future of Land Rover’s new Discovery family. It is a distinctive new interpretation of an iconic nameplate, with a focus on practicality and compelling design that truly resonates with customers and respects the established values of the unique Discovery heritage.

With its optimized volume and proportions, dramatic silhouette and modernity, this concept is a radical re-imagining of the Discovery. Its unique DNA is evident, with the stepped roof, alpine windows, command driving position and stadium seating all working in harmony to create a vehicle that acknowledges its roots as it firmly looks forward.

Though a full-size SUV, the Discovery Vision Concept looks remarkably compact. This has been achieved through a combination of well-considered design elements such as wrap-around headlamps and tail lamps and the short front and rear overhangs serving to reduce the visual length. The headlamps utilize advanced laser technology to generate incredibly bright, far-reaching beams of light, paired with LED daytime running lights. Slim foglamps are capable of emitting both infrared and colored lasers, which assist in the Laser Terrain Scanning and Laser Referencing functions discussed below.

The prominent Discovery badging is mounted flush with the surface of the hood. The smooth, clean lines of the hood meet the hidden wipers – which are concealed under a flush panel that deploys when they are inactive – and rise quickly over the windshield, towards the panoramic roof.

In side profile, the raised beltline of the Discovery Vision Concept demonstrates the incredible levels of space available inside. The concept has four coach-style doors: the rear doors are hinged at the rear for easier, more spacious entry and exit. The doors are operated by an electronic gesture recognition system. This system eliminates the need for door handles, resulting in clean, beautifully crafted surfaces and flush tight gaps between their interfaces.

The slim, aerodynamic door mirrors have embedded cameras, which augment the view of the driver through the windows, providing an extended field of vision while parking and reversing. Just below the doors, steps on either side automatically deploy to facilitate entry and exit, with LED lighting to illuminate the ground. There are body colored C-pillars, a stepped roof flowing into the alpine windows and a distinctive asymmetrical design element on the rear license plate panel also references its Discovery heritage. The split tailgate has evolved into a flexible new tailgate design incorporating a social seat system in the vehicle’s luggage area.

The gesture-controlled, electrically powered, single-piece tailgate is paired with an event platform, which electrically deploys from within the rear bumper. The Vision Concept has sleek horizontal tail lamps and vertical foglamps, and as at the front, the rear window also features hidden wipers, neatly concealed under the rear spoiler.

The concept car, which is painted in a Tribeca Grey finish, is fitted with bespoke 23-inch split-five-spoke Aero Viper alloy wheels with a bright silver turned finish.

Interior: Innovating and Versatility Combined

The interior of the Discovery Vision Concept is a dynamic blend of form, color and material, striking in its clean visual simplicity. It has been carefully crafted to deliver spaciousness and an open, airy feel for all occupants, while cocooning them in an environment that feels cozy and secure. Land Rover’s design team has created a warm and welcoming interior, crafted in Nimbus white and Navy blue premium leather, open pore grey wood veneer and polished and brushed aluminum finishes. The large glasshouse and panoramic roof let in plenty of light and afford clear views out, while the vehicle’s high beltline creates a feeling of security.

The Discovery Vision Concept seats seven adults in comfort, with a 2/3/2 layout in three rows. Every passenger space was designed to offer ample headroom and legroom and access to storage, infotainment and accessories.

The Discovery Vision Concept maintains the command driving position that gives excellent visibility. Flowing lines and warmly textured materials tastefully complement clean, futuristic technology interfaces. The steering wheel incorporates two small OLED touchscreens to operate the infotainment system, and with turn signals and headlamp functions operated by gesture recognition control, indicator stalks are absent, creating more visual space and less clutter around the driver. This also affords a clear view of the instrument cluster, which features a high-definition screen with a 3-million-pixel resolution for incredibly vivid, sharp imagery.

The top of the dashboard has a leather-wrapped airfoil-shaped structure for a light, minimalist appearance. The swooping form of the central ‘arm’ encases two high-resolution touchscreens, which display the vehicle’s system menus. The lower touchscreen flips up to reveal a storage space with an inductive charging pad for cable-free recharging of smartphones. Further down along the console is a rotary gearshift control, which deploys and rises into the driver’s hand as it approaches, and a secondary rotary which controls functions such as Terrain Response and Tow Assist. This secondary rotary control can be detached and taken out of the vehicle to operate Remote Control Drive.

The seats have a sculpted, wrap-around design, with bolstered leather wrapped around the frame for a solid structural appearance. The third-row seats get their own color: Navy blue leather, in contrast to the other five seats, which are made from Nimbus white leather. This visual separation helps create a personalized ambience for the third-row passengers. All seven seats feature Sky Blue contrast stitching.

Built to take the demands of family life, the cabin in the Discovery Vision Concept is finished in Foglizzo H20w, an innovative premium leather that is specially treated to make it completely washable, while the Nubuck inserts on the first- and second-row seats feature Foglizzo H203 treatment that makes them totally oil- and water-repellent, to protect against spills. Soft and beautiful, yet highly durable, the Foglizzo leather is very easily washed and cleaned, making it the perfect solution for an uncompromisingly active lifestyle.

A SkyLight cabin light is incorporated into the structural cross-beam that spans the panoramic roof. Providing an even, warm spread of light, it can be activated and brightened or dimmed with a gesture. Gentle orange lighting in the doors and floors further enhances the ambience of the interior.

Innovative Versatility

Versatility and practicality have always been fundamental aspects of the Discovery, and every facet of the carefully considered design of the Discovery Vision Concept reflects a sense of thoughtful innovation. The seats in the second and third rows are able to slide backwards and forwards fully, both independently and as a complete row, fitting flush with the seat ahead or behind them (‘theater-fold’). The seat can also fold down flat, with the seatback effectively becoming a table surface (‘table-fold’). Thus, with varying combinations of theatre-fold and table-fold seats, it is possible to create differing configurations for convenience and comfort – all easily selected from the menu on the console touchscreen. Possible configurations include:

7-seat mode: Standard seating for seven adults in three rows

6-seat-mode: Second row middle seat in table-fold; more convenience for the second-row outboard-seat passengers

5-seat mode: Both second-row outboard seats in table-fold (more convenience for the middle-seat passenger) or both third-row seats in theater-fold with the second row (plenty of extra load space)

4-seat mode: Second row outboard seats in full theatre-fold with the front seats, and the second row middle seat in table-fold. Two passengers seated in the third row seats enjoy huge amounts of legroom

The back of each seat contains a gesture-controlled infotainment screen with a wide variety of functions, and also has convenience features such as integrated pop-out coat hangers, fold-out tray tables and tablet docking ports.

The Discovery Vision Concept features detachable travel luggage integrated into the doors, so that passengers can pack luggage without needing to have it take up space in the luggage area. The high-quality hard cases clip into the inside of the doors, and once detached, can be used as a regular roller bag with wheels and extendable handles.

Accessories such as picnic blankets, sleeping blankets and cushions, are included to for outdoors activities. They are handcrafted by Sula and made with material woven by Harris Tweed, exuding British quality and workmanship.

The social seating platform of the Discovery Vision Concept is another elegant manifestation of the Land Rover designers’ mission to maximize versatility. The social seat is deployed from under the luggage space floor. When initially extended, it forms a tailgate platform. When further folded out, it becomes a bench seat.

Source: Land Rover Press

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept