Ferrari F14 T

The Ferrari F14 T (also known by its internal name, Project Code 665) is a Formula One racing car designed by Nicholas Tombazis, Rory Byrne and James Allison[1] for Ferrari to compete in the 2014 Formula One season. It will be driven by former World Drivers' Champions Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen, who returned to the team after a five-year absence.

The F14 T has been designed to use Ferrari's new 1.6-liter V6 turbocharged engine, the 059/3.[2] The name of the car was chosen by fans in a poll organized by Ferrari. The "14" represents the year of competition, and the "T" reflects the series' shift to a turbocharged engine formula.

The car was unveiled on 25 January 2014. The F14 T is the first turbo powered F1 car for Ferrari since the Gustav Brunner designed F1/87/88C driven by Michele Alboreto and Gerhard Berger in 1988.

Source: Wikipedia, 2014

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