GeigerCars Ford F-150 SVT Raptor The Beast

Poison green, gigantic and strong as hell: "The Beast" Ford F -150 Raptor SuperCrew Cab Geiger Cars tuning up to its name more than fair. Ford has the pickup truck racing car designed specifically for the infamous Rally " Baja California" as a leading vehicle, including power- V8 and special chassis for murderous jumps over hill and dale. But Geiger Cars is thus not satisfied: Forced ventilation by a 2.9 liter screw compressor with intercooler brings the brutal 6.2 -liter engine only really busy. The serial performance of the 2014 Raptor is (307 kW) increased thanks to high-tech tuning from 417 hp to 572 hp fabulous (421 kW). The straight at a mega - pickup like the Raptor so important thrust increased from 590 to 712 Nm of torque husky. The garish green color of the strikingly designed GeigerCars -Raptor is fully laminated. Have to be "The Beast" exclusively in poison green from 99,500 euros.

So much extra power does not just happen. The Department of Geiger Cars did the fine tuning for tuning on their brand new high-performance four-wheel test bed. The Autodyn 880 AWD Superflow measures up to 1,600 hp and 322 km / h and allows high-precision analyzes. But that's not all: With suspension lift the chassis, the garish green Geiger Cars -Raptor screwed in imposing heights and grew from standard 1.98 to 2.20 m. This adds even more superior terrain properties. The advanced damping system of the Raptor Fox has maintained Geiger Cars, because it is optimized for all driving situations on and off-road and high loads put away loose.

The tuned Geiger Cars - Pickup in the treacherous "The Beast " design is based on a four-seat F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Cab with differential lock in the Luxury package. For the embellishment of bright green cars include: electrically adjustable seat ventilation and memory package, dual-zone automatic climate control, high-quality multimedia system , steering column and pedals, an extension of the normally closed cargo area about the transport of motorcycles, a leader in the tailgate for easy climbing onto the rear platform, cameras front and rear and xenon headlamps and LED lighting.

"The Beast" lives in grand style : For plenty of grip on any surface, the high-quality all-terrain tires Toyo Open Country 37x13.5R22 on the dimension 10x22er aluminum rims provides. Additional headlights on the front bar and an LED bar on the roll bar bring in even the harshest conditions possible view to the front and rear. Due to huge wheel arches retrofitting with matrix chains is possible at any time - this is "The Beast" even the most steep ice slope digs up. The base price for the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Cab is 63,900 euros . Including all tuning measures and the visual and technical refinement by GeigerCars costs "The Beast" 99,500 euros.

Source: GeigerCars Press

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