Renault Alpine A220

The Alpine A220 was a sports car prototype that was used in the 1968 and 1968 sports car racing series.

The end of 1967 occurred in Alpine to paradigms. So far, had Jean Rédélé and his technicians limited to the construction of racing cars with an engine capacity of up to 1.5-liters. For the sports car racing in 1968, especially for the long-distance race at Le Mans, the team has developed a 3-liter racing car.

This request was made ​​possible by a new Gordini-Motor. Gordini joined two 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engines with a conventional V8 engine. In the first variant, the unit received four Weber carburetors, which in 1969 replaced by an injection. The carburetor V8 engine delivered 228 kW (310 hp), the injection motor 257 kW (350 hp). As a gear came a 5-speed ZF-circuit for use.

The chassis and body were from the A210 acquired and adapted so that the heavy and wider engine could be integrated into the chassis.

The A220 made ​​its debut in the spring of 1968 at a national sports car racing in France. It quickly became apparent that the car was underpowered for the 3-liter class. Added to this was that the lightweight, aerodynamic fiberglass was -Karosserie for the A210 indeed perfectly suited, the faster and heavier A220 but tended to oversteer.

In Le Mans were 1968 four A220 at the start, but only one - at the wheel of André de Cortanze and Jean Vinatier - crossed the finish line. The eighth place overall the car was on target against three A210, but the hoped-for podium could not reach the car.

As in 1969 , no A220 crossed the finish line at Le Mans, the project was, set the end of 1969, despite some victories in smaller events.

Source: Wikipedia, 2015

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