Seat Leon Cupra 280

Maximum performance, state-of-the-art technology, stunning design matched with compelling efficiency and perfect everyday usability – the new Leon CUPRA embodies the SEAT brand values in the best possible way. With up to 206 kW / 280 PS, the new CUPRA is not only the clear top model in the highly successful Leon family, it is also the brand’s most powerful series-production car. And the fastest – the drive and the chassis of the Leon CUPRA guarantee precision driving fun of the highest order. With its extensive equipment and excellent quality, the new CUPRA offers exceptionally good value-for-money. Right from the start, the Leon CUPRA will be offered as a five-door and as the Leon SC CUPRA Sport Coupé with three doors.

“With the new Leon CUPRA, the SEAT brand is once more taking a major leap forward. The CUPRA is a refined, high-performance car that combines its expressive dynamics with relaxed long-distance comfort and a compelling, high-quality feel,” says Jürgen Stackmann, CEO of SEAT S.A. “Driving fun and great design come with every Leon, but the new CUPRA displays SEAT expertise in a whole new dimension. We are proud of this new brand icon and certain of its success.”

A concentrated package of hi-tech guarantees the enormous performance of the new CUPRA. At the top is the all-new 2.0 TSI engine with dual injection and variable camshaft timing. Depending on the version, it delivers an output of 195 kW / 265 PS or 206 kW / 280 PS. The DCC dynamic chassis control, front differential lock, progressive steering, CUPRA Drive Profile and standard-fit full-LED headlamps are further examples of its state-of-the-art technologies.

“The new CUPRA is pure SEAT – emotion and performance, design and dynamics combine to deliver driving fun kilometre after kilometre. State-of-the-art technology is evident in its enormous precision, but also in its compelling efficiency,” stresses Dr. Matthias Rabe, Vice President of SEAT S.A. for Research and Development. “The new CUPRA is a sports car for every day; it feels just as much at home on the race track as it does on the long haul. Leon CUPRA is the ultimate front wheel drive expression.”

With the new Leon CUPRA, a success story is moving onto the next level. The first generation was launched in 1996 with the Ibiza, since when the dynamic CUPRA models have developed to become icons of the SEAT brand. Now CUPRA comes as a 3-door Leon for the first time.

Emotional design is one of the great strengths of the Leon family. Both the five-door Leon and the three-door Leon SC Sport Coupé cut stunning figures from the very first glance, with their perfectly balanced proportions and precise lines. The juxtaposition of cleanly modelled surfaces and sharply drawn lines gives the Leon a lively and dynamic look that is, to the same degree, solid and powerful.

The side view is particularly distinctive. With its balanced proportion of formed sheet metal to glass surface area – a vertical split of around 2/3 to 1/3 – it stresses the Leon’s solidity and underscores its firm stance. The characteristic, interrupted “Línea Dinámica” runs over the wheel arches towards the rear. The precisely shaped blisters on the sides do not run in a straight line – instead, they form very slight arcs that raise the tension. The design language of the Leon is extremely well received by customers. As one of the most important reasons for purchase, it forms the foundation for the great success of the new Leon family.

New balance of power and elegance
This design language was systematically developed to the next stage for the CUPRA, with a new kind of balance between power and elegance. Powerful elements, particularly at the front and rear, indicate the high performance of the top Leon model from the very first glance – yet without being in the least bit flashy. With its large air intakes and honeycomb mesh insert with a more three-dimensional design, the new front end ensures that plenty of air reaches the high-performance engine and brake system. Characteristic for the CUPRA models from SEAT, are the five narrow openings above the number plate – a further visual signal of the performance offered by this compact sports car. The form of the lower air intake also emphasises its stability and phenomenal road holding.

The rear end of the CUPRA is just as powerful. The black insert in the bumper and the double exhaust pipe with oval shape accentuate the width of the vehicle. The moulded diffuser and the two oval end pipes of the twin exhaust, likewise set well to the outside, provide a clear yet subtle signal of the CUPRA’s power.

One unique feature is the standard-fit full-LED headlamps. They consume very little energy and have an extremely long lifecycle. At 5,500 Kelvin, the colour temperature is similar to that of daylight, which is less tiring on the eyes. Above all, however, they deliver a very special light signature with their characteristic arrow form – by night and by day. The same applies to the rear lights, which also feature LED technology.

The alloy wheels have an exclusive design, while red callipers and tinted side and rear windows underscore the individuality of the CUPRA. The CUPRA 280 is visually differentiated by its unique 19-inch wheels with a titanium bicolour paint finish, the Aerodynamic Pack with the spoiler on the rear roof edge emphasises the stretched lines and sporty character, as do the black exterior mirror housings and CUPRA lettering on the brake callipers.

Style and quality inside
The accentuated dynamics of the exterior continues seamlessly in the interior of the new SEAT Leon CUPRA. The area for the driver and co-driver is clearly and harmoniously designed. All switches, buttons and levers are where you would intuitively expect them to be. One feature element is the broad centre console with its distinct driver orientation. The dashboard is extremely elegant, with its two-tone design making it seem to float slightly in mid-air.

The interior is distinguished by the new CUPRA sports steering wheel, with its exclusive, flat-bottomed design. Thanks to its expertly applied padding and grippy, partially perforated leather cladding, it enhances the sporty, precise handling characteristics. Multifunction operating elements are integrated into the horizontal spokes, while, behind the steering wheel, are the shift paddles for the optional DSG transmission. Likewise exclusive to the CURPA are the top sports seats clad in dark grey Alcantara with white stitching. There is a choice of black full-leather upholstery, also with white stitching, white side cushions and a white insert in the door panels. Options include bucket seats with extremely good lateral grip. Pedals and door sills are finished in aluminium. The trim elements in the cockpit are finished in classic chrome (also available in gloss black).

One particular feature in the CUPRA interior is the ambient lighting. LEDs in the door panels emphasize the contours of the interior design and add to the premium feel of the passenger compartment. At the same time, the ambient lighting offers occupants improved orientation and an even greater sense of spaciousness. The colour of the LEDs can be adapted via the CUPRA Drive Profile – they glow red in CUPRA and Sport mode, with the Comfort and Individual setting being white.

Fine details underscore the high level of craftsmanship in the new SEAT Leon CUPRA – details like the precisely placed, contrasting stitching on the steering wheel and gear knob, the exact operation of the air vents, the clearly laid-out controls for the air conditioning and the three-dimensional form of the trim elements. All surfaces have soft-touch finishes, giving a fine, tactile feedback to every touch.

A bodyshell with exceptional stiffness and low weight is one of the main prerequisites for superior driving dynamics. Thus, the compelling combination of top performance and amazing efficiency is also a result of systematic lightweight design. On-the-road, the Leon SC CUPRA has a kerb weight of no more than 1,300 kilograms, making it one of the lightest compact sports cars in its class.

However, a solid bodyshell is also a prerequisite for optimum safety and the best possible comfort – and not least, for a high level of perceived quality. Nevertheless, in order to maintain optimum value-for-money, the decision was taken not to use expensive materials like magnesium and carbon fibre. Instead, many areas feature high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels. On their own, these hot-formed hi-tech steels reduce weight by 18 kilograms, while also ensuring even greater stiffness for the occupant cell.

Source: Seat Press

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