Jaguar Envision XK Concept by Vanatical Design

First created as a design study of what the next Jaguar XK Coupe could look like, the Jaguar XK Concept was designed to create something that had the signature look of the Jaguar XK. Meaning that when someone looks at it, they will immediately be able to know that this is a Jaguar XK model, while at the same time the car incorporates different elements from later Jaguars such as the CX-75 and the new F-Type.


The first thing to catch the majority of onlooker’s eyes is the rear wheel arch, which uses a technique that has been harnessed various times in the past throughout Vanatical Design’s car designs, featuring the rear wheel arch bulge out. Doing so makes the car instantly look curvaceous and beautiful. At the front end, a lot has been borrowed from the likes of the F-Type, CX-75, and the current XKR-S. The headlight design uses the shapes from the current Jaguar XK model, the layout from the F-Type model, and the very unique bulbs from the CX-17 crossover Concept. At the back end, side intakes from the front are mirrored below the rear taillights, while the Jaguar grille is mirrored in the license plate area.


Not many details have arisen on what the interior will look like, feel like, or even feature technology-wise. It is expected that the interior will be similar if not identical to the standard Jaguar XKR-S models and F-Types, with high-end materials and trims laden throughout the interior. More likely than not, the interior will feature some exclusive badging from Vanatical Designs.


At the heart of the beast, a 5.0-liter V8 produces around 610 horsepower and around 550 lb-ft of torque. This power is definitely impressive and will surely rocket the Envision XK to 60 in around 3.5 seconds.


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Jaguar Envision XK Concept by Vanatical Design