Mahindra Komodo Concept by Makrand Patil

Designer Makrand Patil introduces his Mahindra Komodo off-road concept.

Drivers could range from a young to a middle-age individual who is in his own business, a family man, or a sports enthusiast. The build of the car is big, strong, rugged and luxurious at the same time.

Perfect for the Indian terrain, the vehicle can be used anywhere form silky smooth highways to steep gradients, big drops and deep water. Focusing more on its off-roading abilities, a true 4x4 vehicle that a whole family can enjoy.

This SUV has been designed considering most of the brand attributes of Mahindra. The brand sets a benchmark of capability, authenticity in design and function. It specializes in durability and reliability for the Indian market having a justified evolution.

The goal was to combine the authentic Mahindra DNA with more evolved 4x4s and make the Ultimate Mahindra.

Source: Makrand Patil

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