e-volo Volocopter VC200

Working in conjunction with a research and industry syndicate, e-volo received a grant of ¢2,000,000 as a subsidy of the project-related costs from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The VC200, the first Volocopter in the world to carry two people, will be granted a provisional airworthiness certificate after extensive endurance testing of the landing framework, passenger cabin, and rotor array. Test flights have been conducted on the glider airfield in Bruschal, where the production factory of the mechanical bodywork is located.


Designed with 18 rotors on top, the Volocopter has the ability to quickly lift off and land with two passengers inside. The cockpit is centered in the middle of all of the rotors, so that the weight will be evenly distributed to all of the rotors evenly. The rotors are in a circular design fashion that can be easily taken apart when the owner wants to store the e-volo. At the bottom, two legs similar to those found on a helicopter allow for the e-volo to land and take off gracefully.


On the interior, there is room for two occupants and that is about it. Two leather-wrapped seats add comfort during the rides. One occupant will be doing all of the flying while the other simply enjoys the ride. A single control stick allows for easy flight for experienced and novice flyers. The two passengers will sit side-by-side to one another.


An electric motor powers the 18 rotors on top and have a maximum cruising speed of at least 54 knots, or about 60 mph. Flight altitude is up to 6,500 feet and the electric motor has a flight time of more than one hour. Maximum take off weight is 450 kg.


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