Renault Alpine Celebration Concept

Designed as a stylish and unique new show car, the Alpine Celebration has been released as a part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the brand founded by Jean Rédélé. This emotional and surprise announcement comes right before the 83rd edition of the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours. Attracting more than 250,000 race fans from around the world, the Le Mans 24 Hours is arguably one of the highest-profile events on the international motorsport calendar. Alpine needed to make sure that this surprise unveiling was worthy of the prestige of the event.


The Alpine Celebration takes the form of a two-seater with sleek, flowing lines that are underlined by its deep, dark blue color scheme. Further enhanced by orange accents, Alpine prototypes have adorned this triumphant color scheme since 1963. The beauty of the Alpine Celebration is in its simplicity. Retaining a familiar stile and set of values, it integrates harmoniously through a modern manner. Using carbon detailing in order to highlight the high-tech features of the car’s body from its spoiler to the side sills, diffuser, rear air intakes and mirrors, the Alpine Celebration really stands apart from the rest of the crowd. The spoiler frames the vehicle’s bold front end by expressing strength, while the visual impression of poise and efficiency is further enhanced by the sharp, straight lines of the side sills. Above the wheel arches, scoops guide the airflow in order to increase agility and rewarding performance.


Not much information has been released yet about the interior of the Alpine Celebration, but is expected to show off some high-tech gear such as a Navigation system and surround sound speaker system. Comfort is a large focus for Alpine with this project.


Again, not much information is known about the drivetrain powering the Renault Alpine Celebration, but it is expected to have no less than four or six cylinders that are potentially boosted by a turbocharger or two. All of the power will be guided to the two rear wheels.


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