Ferrari F430 GT by Dream Racing


The engine features upgrades you will not find on the road-going street legal Ferrari F430. An optimized air intake, a different exhaust system as well as a racing ECU contribute to provide more power and faster response to the accelerator.

The Racing Dashboard

The dashboard, unlike most road cars, is completely digital. The display layout is designed to maximize readability of the most important information for the driver. If necessary, it’s capable of displaying the most detailed information such as data acquisition and G-Forces, by scrolling the pages from a button located on the steering wheel.

Racing 'Slick' Tires

Unlike common road tires, you will not find any tread on racing tires in order to maximize the rubber surface to the asphalt. The difference doesn't stop there, racing tires are made of a much softer compound. The tires are built for performance rather than longevity; resulting in a superior grip ability over road tires.

The Brakes

The specially constructed larger brake rotors of 350 mm in the front and 340 mm in the back with combined 6 pistons calipers and soft compound breaking pads make the brakes of the racing Ferrari F430 GT much more powerful and consistent for the heavy duty they’re built for. You'll experience incredible braking capabilities driving this car.

Rear Wing

The rear wing channels air coming over the top of the car upwards to create down force. The air pushes the rear of the car down allowing for more grip under high speed cornering and acceleration.

Rear Diffuser

The rear diffuser is an air channeling device made of light weight carbon fiber. This device changes the air flow from under the car, creating a suction like affect pulling the car to the ground. This effect increases the down force without compromising the aerodynamics of the car.

Front Splitter

The splitter acts like a front wing and diffuser at the same time. It creates down force by slowing the air on top of the splitter and pushing the front of the car down. Underneath the splitter the surface is very smooth allowing the air to move faster and improving the overall aerodynamics.

Roll Cage

In conjunction with the racing seat and belts, the roll cage increases the safety level of the racing Ferrari F430 GT at an incomparable level, over road cars. It also improves handling by strengthening the chassis and reducing the torsion of the car.The result is a more efficient and faster car to handle when cornering.

Racing Suspension

The suspension offers many performance enhancements over normal road cars. The most noticeable are the stiffer springs, shock absorbers and the racing anti roll bars. Also, you will notice a lower ride height and an overall 6 inch wider front width. All of this works together to significantly improve the handling of the car, not just during cornering, but while braking and accelerating as well.

Source: Dream Racing Press

Ferrari F430 GT by Dream Racing