Koenigsegg Legera Concept by Jennarong M

The Koenigsegg Legera is a design study of the "Baby Koenigsegg", designed to slot below the Agera. The envisioned powertrain would be a V8 producing around 700 to 800 Horsepower. It is in the same segment as some other supercars such as the Lamborghini Aventador and Pagani Huayra. With a unique design envisioned by Jennarong, the car is designed to be a wonder to the eyes. While staying true to Koenigsegg's design, it provides a unique spin to the usual. 

The name "Legera" stands for "Alloy" in Swedish, while it could also mean "Light" in Italian with the spelling "Leggera". They form the meaning "Light Alloy."

The goal for the design of this car is to have a design with lines that are very broad and empowering, to protrude out the beauty of the design, all on a smaller wheelbase and body than other big Koenigseggs such as the Agera and Regera. The car is designed to be a convertible spyder, like all Koenigseggs, with a removable targa top. When the top is removed, the bay area above the engine becomes the unique 2 pillar design seen on the "Spyder" supercars. 

Starting from the hood, two distinct lines can be seen, which continue onto the side of the car, then wrapping around the cockpit. On the hood there is a bare carbon fiber air intake with an emblem infront. On the side is a big outtake, which has a very distinct protruding side line emerging out of it, matching the angle of the grill intake, which then continues into the rear of the car. When viewed from the side, the front splitter continues into the side skirt. The car also has a signature design feature seen on all cars from VanaticalDesign: panels that run to the edge. The most distinct feature is the door panel, which extends into the wheel. The door would have a system where the computer would sense the angle of the front wheels, and any other objects that may be blocking the door when opening, and adjusts the hinges to accommodate the situation. You may also notice the lack of door handles, this is due to the door opening via a fingerprint sensor.

The car has many inspirations, and are not limited to the Agera and Regera. It came from other brands such as the Jaguar CX-75, and the Porsche 918, too.

Source: Vanatical Design

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