Sealander Camper

With the outdoor season quickly approaching, many people desire spending more time outside in the fresh air and the warm sun, or on the water. Designed for people living the big city life on a daily basis, the Sealander Camper is a mobile retreat, which can be parked in a garage or anywhere the owner desires due to the fact that neither a boat nor a trailer license is needed to own this camper. Base MSRP $17,000


On the outside, the Sealander Camper looks like a normal, ordinary trailer. The only real difference is that the Sealander can do its camping on the water. This innovative and mobile accommodation allows the owners to travel on land and seas as well as using the camper as a customary caravan. The Sealander Camper is available in two color options: white or black. An upward-opening door and a stepladder allow for easy entry and exit. The Camper sits on 16-inch wheels and has a tow hitch for hooking the camper up to a vehicle.


The interior is fully equipped, including a cooking and washing module, heater, cooler, toilet, and surround sound system. The inside of the camper can be rearranged and set up in multiple layouts depending on how many occupants will be inside and what the owners want to do, whether it is sleep or have dinner. The trim inside is a dark wood finish over cream-colored walls. The windows feature curtains and window tint for privacy.


Powering this miniature paradise on wheels is an electric motor that can push the Sealander across the water at 5.5 mph. This also extends the battery life for a whole weekend due to the battery recharging itself while in use.


2015 Terra Wind Amphibious RV

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