Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht by Fraser Leid

Designed to mirror the styling of the legendary Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, the Bugatti Atlantean was designed by UK designed Fraser Leid when he decided to give the Bugatti brand some nautical representation. The Bugatti Atlantean boasts an impressive presence on the water just as the road cars give an impressive presence on the road.


Upon first seeing the Bugatti Atlantean, one might think that it features a one solid hull design, but in reality the design actually utilizes two smaller hulls paired with some hydrofoils underneath. This allows for the minimalistic Atlantean to softly ride up and over waves, adding to the notion that it was designed for sure speed. The hulls themselves are crafted and formed from fiberglass and then reinforced with carbon fiber. The domed cabin and windscreen were specifically designed to resemble the Type 57 Atlantic’s shape by forming one defined curve across the entire rear of the vessel. Two fins, one at the rear window and one underneath the waves help keep the yacht gliding on a straight track while at higher speeds.


Not much information has been released about the inside of the Atlantean other than that there is room to comfortably fit two occupants and there is a small living space within the hull. It is expected that there will be lavish materials such as suede, leather, and Alcantara all throughout the inside as well as modern technology throughout the cabin.


Another unanswered question is “what will be powering this beast?” The Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic was packing a straight-eight engine, which for its time made immense power. More recent Bugatti cars such as the Veyron are toting an insane 8.0-liter W16.


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Source: Behance, Fraser Leid

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