Quantum Performance Vehicles GP700

Australian start-up company, Quantum Performance Vehicles, has just announced its first vehicle, the GP700. Featuring a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio and enough down force to drive up a wall, the GP700 “promises to give the world’s top hyper cars a run for their money.” The GP700 is the result of a long, 7-year development process between the feather and son team of Andrew and Jeff David. Base MSRP $69,500


It is clear to see that the GP700 takes some aesthetic cues from a number of aggressive Formula 1 cars and more traditional sports cars. Each of the four wheels are extended from the body, indicative of Formula 1 cars, giving the boy a distinct racing look. The cockpit is exposed to the elements and features a large roll bar that hangs over the occupants. Fixed in between the two front wheel arches are small headlight pods and license plate mounting points, as this is a street-legal car. According to Quantum, the bodylines and shapes are “a culmination of science and meticulous analysis with years of computer simulations and on track analytics” going into the shape. The two main areas of focus with the body are down force and cooling. The GP700 is available in six different colors: Champagne Yellow, Purple-Tinted Blue, and Orange-Tined Red are just a few.


Similarly to the exterior, the interior is equally hardcore and functional. Instead of door handles, the occupants must climb over the sides and into the seats. Once in the cabin, the driver and passenger sit snuggly into custom carbon fiber seats, featuring a fixed-back design and nice bolstering. They appear to be upholstered in Alcantara and leather. Around the rest of the interior, bare metal elements are polished to a shining finish. This finish also extends to the central tunnel. A custom carbon fiber steering wheel feel perfect in the hands while a Motec C1 dash display feeds pertinent data to the driver.


With only 700 kg of curb weight, 700 horsepower, and 483 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels, reaching 60 mph takes just 2.6 seconds. This power comes from a custom-built 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine that has been extensively modified, delivering incredible power despite being a relatively small engine size. Quantum decided to use a twin-supercharger system to boost the output. A custom engine management system allows the driver to adjust the noise levels and fuel consumption for street versus track use.


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Quantum Performance Vehicles GP700