ICON D200 Power Wagon Crew Cab Reformer

Mastermind Jonathan Ward is the brilliant creator behind this monster of a project. The ICON D200 Power Wagon is a combination of two trucks, creating a unique, Frankenstein-like end result that leaves jaws dropped to the floor. Some consider the D200 as the perfect combination of a modern drivetrain with a vintage look. Base MSRP $110,000


ICON’s latest iteration in the D200 family takes the greatest aspects of the ’64 Dodge D200 Power Wagon Crew Cab body and combines them with a 2007 Dodge MegaCab 4x4 pickup truck chassis. The result is an unforgettable shape that is painted in a gorgeous matte green. An LED light bar has been added to the front bumper giving additional visibility to the occupants. On the rear tailgate, the “Dodge” branding remains centered between two newly designed, LED taillights. The new D200 sits atop a bespoke Kore-Fox racing suspension, 17-inch Hutchinson bead lock wheels, and those are wrapped in 37-inch BFG A/T rubber. At the back end, exhaust is released through a ceramic-coated stainless steel exhaust system.


ICON has not skipped a beat when addressing the interior of the D200. The floor is draped in sumptuous wool that let the occupants’ feet sink right in. ICON has also seamlessly placed an iPad Mini into the dashboard, operating as a media and navigation center. For the steering wheel, ICON borrowed that from a bus and while it is massive, it is necessary. The truck’s interior styling was blended together with a neat repeating pattern as the inner door texture is repeated throughout the cabin; on the gauge cluster, quilted into the seats, headliner, and arm rests.


At the heart of ICON’s D200 is Ram’s 5.7-liter V8, forcing power to all four wheels simultaneously. If that was not enough power, ICON attached a supercharger to that V8. Power numbers are unknown.


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