Renault Kwid

To be offered as an affordable city car, Renault’s Kwid features SUV-like stylings, a fuel-efficient drivetrain, and higher-end interior touches. Built as a joint project from Renault and Nissan, the Kwid debuts a new CMF-A modular architecture, promising versatility along with a ton of features for a very little price. The Kwid was created specifically to meet the needs of the Indian marketplace, joining Renault’s lineup as the sixth new model for Renault’s expanding presence in the country. Base MSRP $4,700


Compared to the concept version of the Kwid that the public saw just a year ago, the production version looks nothing like that concept, unfortunately. The Kwid has a body shape with a crossover-like design, sitting high off of the ground with boxy proportions, offering plenty of storage space on the inside. The Kwid attempts to bring a large dose of SUV looks to the compact crossover by using a variety of techniques including a lifted body, providing over seven inches of ground clearance and short overhangs at the rear and in the front. On the front fascia, large central air intakes are centered between Renault’s new C-shaped chrome trimmed headlights. Under the headlights in the corners of the front bumper are twin fog lamps set in black trim. The rear of the car is more rounded with a small, color-matched spoiler trailing the roofline. Renault states that the overall dimensions of the Kwid include a 12-foot length and a five-foot width.


Arguably the best feature of the new Kwid, the interior draws heavily from the current line of Dacia models. While straightforward and simple, Renault managed to reduce the amount of clutter spread across the dash. The seats feature red inserts in the shoulder area and are slightly bolstered, giving the occupants some more lateral support when driving. The Kwid comes crammed full of modern appointments and technology, including a digital multimedia and navigation system displayed through a 7-inch touchscreen display and Bluetooth connectivity.


Only details for one engine option have come to the community’s attention from Renault, and that is a 0.8-liter, three-cylinder gasoline engine. This will be mated with a five-speed transmission, as there is no word yet as to an available automatic gearbox.


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Renault Kwid